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I've been a model railroader on and off, pretty much my entire life. Like most of us in this hobby, it started with a Lionel train around the Christmas tree, or a birthday present as a young boy. Through the years, my family moved from Ohio, to Arizona, then to New Mexico, and finally to California in 1990, which most of that time the Lionel trains lived in boxes, wrapped in newspaper. I worked at a huge model railroad shop in the early 90's, which happen to be inside of a drug store. In 2017 my wife and I left California and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It seems that trains, of some kind, have been the constant for me. I modeled HO scale for many years, doing a lot of custom painting and detailing, structure building, and sold it all through the hobby shop. Also like a lot of model railroaders, being limited by space and funds, HO was a viable option for me. Later as space was even more limited, I made the switch to N Scale for about a year. Not long after going to work for BNSF, I was burnt out on trains, had no desire to do any modeling, so I sold everything, the HO, the N Scale, and all the tools associated with model railroading.

My wife and I bought a brand new house in 2003, and moved in 2004. I happen to pick up a train magazine somewhere, and flipping through the pages, I ran across an ad for the newly tooled scale F3 from Lionel, of course in the Warbonnet paint scheme. I was hooked, and dove back in to the hobby head first. The hallways were lined with train shelves, there was a big loop of track that ran through our bar & game room, a switching layout in another room of the house, and my Dad and I built The Ohio & Southwestern in his formal living & dining rooms, a 26 x 17 Hi-Rail layout. You can see our layout and many of our trains on my YouTube Channel, All of my stuff is 3 rail, scaled sized, with big steam and a lot of Warbonnet diesels. I also ran my trains at a couple of the clubs in Southern, CA, because I can run 60-70 car long trains. I love the detail of the scale equipment, so I had a lot of Sunset 3rd Rail, Lionel Vision Line, Legacy, TMCC, Atlas Master Series, and MTH Proto 2 and 3. I needed a way to HAUL my trains around to these different layouts!

I spent tons of time, searching for boxes that were long enough, but yet sturdy enough to HAUL the heavy engines. Then how do I protect them? Foam from a craft store, lay it out, cut, cut, fit, cut.....lets try towels, plastic tubs, puppy pads, put the engines back in the manufactures box? NO! That takes way to much time, and normally, your engines or cars sustain damage in the process. I found some boxes years ago that were perfect, but the company that made them is longer around. I decided to tweak a couple things, to fit my needs a little better, and bring "The O Scale Hauler" to the market for guys like me that HAUL my trains around. I want them protected, but yet I don't want to spend all day packing and unpacking every time I want to go to the club.

As a fellow model railroader who has hauled his trains around using various methods, I think you will agree, these are the BEST, on several levels. Spend more time running trains, and protect them, by HAULING them around with the O Scale Hauler.

UPDATE/Testimonial 2019 - As my wife and I moved from California to New Mexico my entire train collection was packed up in O Scale Haulers. Engines, cars, brass engines..all of it. When the movers came to load the truck, I cringed as I watched them toss these Haulers into stacks on a two wheel dolly. They bounced down a step from the house and again up the ramp into the truck. When the truck was off loaded at our house in New Mexico, once again I cringed as I watched my trains getting bounced around and tossed from stack to stack. I had to walk away as I couldn't watch any more. Since we have settled in here in New Mexico I have sold off much of my collection because there's no place to run trains and no room in this house. I don't want all this nice stuff to sit in boxes for years so I would like others to enjoy them as I did. I can honestly say that I have not found one item that was damaged in any way throughout the moving process. Sure a few of the Haulers got banged up a bit or dirty because they are white, but the O Scale Haulers protected my trains through even the roughest of handling. They will protect yours too, and I know you won't be tossing your Haulers around!
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